OfCom Regulations changing 1st August 2009

08UK – Ofcom Announce New Changes – 0870 and New Rules for 0871 (also potentially effecting 0845).

After a long wait, Ofcom have now finally now announced the changes to the charging structure for 0870 numbers and new changes to 0871 legislation.

Please contact 08UK or we will contact you again shortly to discuss what you are looking to do about this changes and how we can help you.

For detailed clarification of these changes see:-




You must now choose, if you have an 0870 number, if you are going to move to another 08 number (perhaps 0871, 0844 or the new 03 range) or stay as you are & pay the bill / minute. Let 08UK help you to get the best new numbers and lowest rates for your inbound call traffic.

Ofcom have stated that 1st August 2009 will be the date for these changes. For further details about these changes, please visit our website http://www.08numbers.net/ or Ofcom’s website www.ofcom.org.uk.

Changes that are due will effect 0870 now and 0871 numbers will be covered by PhonepayPlus (the premium rate regulator). It has been suggested by Ofcom that 0845 numbers will soon follow down the same route as 0870 numbers so it may be worth considering changes on this number range now.